Today's Niners gem comes from What's On The 6th Floor, the blog for the San Francisco History Center and Book Arts and Special Collections. And what a collection it is. This week they came across an interesting snapshot of '50s-era 49ers teammates taking a break with an unfortunately-named milk in the locker room after training practice.

What's On The 6th Floorz has more:

In honor of the big game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints [on Saturday], I decided to browse through the "Football. San Francisco 49ers." folder in the San Francisco News-Call Bulletin Photo Morgue. The photographs depict the football players practicing at training camp in Menlo Park and St. Mary's College, tackling at Kezar Stadium, and posing at the San Francisco Airport. This locker room photograph was the favorite find of the day: the San Francisco 49ers drinking "Homo" milk from Spreckels-Russell Dairy Company. Of course, homo is short for homogenized.

Description on back of photo: "The 49ers toast the victory (49ers-Cleveland Browns game) --with milk, not champagne,--left to right: Guard Bobby Downs, Captain Norm Strandlee, Halfback Joe Arenas, Safetyman Jimmy Cason, Guard Don Burke (lower right) and Bruno Banducci (upper right). October 1, 1951."