Your SFist editor is no football fan. Not in the slightest. We leave the pigskin talk to Daisy Barringer. However, while sipping a smug cocktail at a bar on Valencia Street in the Mission on Saturday, we couldn't help but get a (brief) contact high via the joyful noises outside as scads of locals cheered loudly, proudly, and unabashedly during the 49ers' surprise victory against The Saints. Let the accusations of bandwagoning commence! Because, for the first time since 1997, the 49ers will host the NFC Championship this Sunday at 3 p.m.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday, January 18 via Ticketmaster. Season ticket holders can buy tickets online at 10 a.m., but regular folks can purchase them online at 1 p.m. (only 4 tickets per order). Rain is on the forecast for this week and weekend, so Sunday's rumble at Candlestick could very well turn into a sloppy mess.

In case you missed the last-few-seconds touchdown by Mr. Vernon Davis, you simply must check it out:

On a related note, anti-religion yet unquestionably fuckable Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, famous for exploiting Christianity during football games in order to further inaccurate Focus On Family bile, was defeated over the weekend by the Patriots. Lesson here? Never go up against Gisele Bundchen's man while assisting am anti-civil rights group's agenda. Really, you're setting yourself up for a spectacular failure.