After receiving approval in the Tennessee Senate last spring, the appalling "Don't Say Gay" bill, formally known as SB0049, is literally sitting on a desk in the state's House of Representatives right now. If passed, the bill will "prevent teachers in kindergarten through eighth grade from discussing homosexuality in prepared materials or instruction," ultimately hindering kids struggling with their identity from getting counseling and taking part in gay-straight alliance groups.

In an effort to lift our collective spirits and fill his fans with hope, the delightful George Takei has lent his name to the campaign that's raising awareness about the bill — "It's OK To Be Takei." Watch the adorable video below. Keep up with the campaign's progress on the "It's OK To Be Takei" Facebook page.

On an even scarier note, as Daily Kos member indiemcemopants reports (via Huffington Post), the so-called "Bathroom" bill was filed in Tennessee's General Assembly yesterday by a Republican state Senator, which "restricts access to public restrooms and public dressing rooms designated by sex to members of that particular sex." As the Daily Kos author notes, "it's legally impossible to get your sex changed on your birth certificate (and only a little less impossible to get it changed on your drivers' license)," which means all transgender and gender non-conforming people would be affected by the bill. Those who violate the proposed law would receive a monetary fine.

[It's OK To Be Takei on Facebook]