Mentioned in Morning Links, but too good not to award its own post: Berkeleyside gives us yet another reason to visit Berkeley—our goal in 2012 is to head over there at least once a quarter—with these wild turkeys roaming the streets of Berkeley (and a far off land called Albany) with nary a care in the world. More than a dozen birds ran around the two East Bay cities this week, spotted by local photogs.

Bay Area Bird Blog had a bit of info on the birds back in 2008, saying:

The turkeys showed up a few years ago, and there were just a few turkeys. Now there are lots of them — I have seen flocks of 20 or more…actually “herd” seems like a more appropriate word than “flock.” These things get pretty damn big! Mostly they hang about on the ground, but sometimes a few of them roost in trees, where they look somehow incongruous, like seeing a dog up there. I have not personally been harassed by turkeys, but I’ve seen it happen a few times; they particularly seem to hate people walking bicycles, although they’re OK with bikes being ridden. They also occasionally wander out in the road and sort of stand there like they’re making a point, much like bison do. They are kinda cool, fun to watch, and I don’t mind having them around.

But beware, those of you who get to close to this feathered gang. "They are fun, but really dopey and aggressive. Be careful," warns Berkeleyside commenter bingo.

Check out another pic of the birds' adventure.