Staying sober in the Castro is like trying to stay sober in the Castro. It's quite trying, what with all of the bars and dealers within hinged-wrist's length. Enter the Castro Country Club, a tiny clubhouse, if you will, located on 18th Street that allows sober addicts to socialize comfortably within a queer space without getting ripped to the tits. The building housing the space was sold this week. So, does the club once again stand in a state of peril? Not likely.

The Bay Area Reporter notes:

A local gay San Francisco businessman has bought the building that houses a Castro sober space and reportedly does not intend to evict the current tenants.

According to an email the Castro Country Club advisory board sent out today (Friday, January 5) announcing the sale, representatives of the club will be meeting with their new landlord to discuss entering into a long-term lease.

The Castro Country Club bills itself thusly: "We are a clean & sober gathering place for all people and a home for the queer recovery community. We endeavor to be a space where all can seek wisdom, serenity, courage and joy." If you're sick of your regular AA or NA meeting, or what have you, you might want to check the place out. Especially if you're gay.

Let's hope that, in a neighborhood now pulling in elite crowds that flocking to tony spaces like Frances and Midnight Sun (ha, kidding), the critical sober space will continue to thrive. The sale of the lovely Victorian was made official on Thursday "at a price substantially less than the nearly $1.7 million appraisal in 2009 when the former owner, Gerard Jian, died."