Trent Arsenault, the prolific local sperm donor wanted by the FDA and countless press outlets, has received another cease and desist order — this time from a former Pleasanton neighbor whose daughter he accidentally implied was his own. Among the plethora of baby photos on his (unintentionally amazing) website, Arsenault included a photo of himself holding a baby girl belonging to his former neighbor, Lauren Stromquist who insists the baby is the product of her and her now-furious husband.

SFWeekly, who also ran the photo of Arsenault with the Stromquist child, explains that Mrs. Stromquist, who now lives in Minnesotta, spotted her baby on Fox News of all places. And now the whole mess has caused her husband to call for a paternity test. (Apparently, Stromquist and Arsenault used to stroll to the Farmer's Market together to buy blueberries for his sperm-enhancing smoothies.)

Anyway, Arsenault still hasn't quite gotten the knack of navigating the fallopian tubes of Internet celebrity, it seems. As he told the Weekly, he used the misleading photo on his site simply because he, "thought it was a good photo."

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