In the ongoing coverage of San Francisco's favorite prodigal primate, ABC7 reports that some Zoo officials are skeptical of his alibi. Sam, you'll recall, was reportedly found in the bushes at Stern Grove by a passerby who managed to convince the poor creature to climb in to a backpack. But according to at least one zoo employee, squirrel monkeys aren't exactly keen on climbing in to backpacks with strangers. "A monkey would be placed into a backpack forcibly," the zoo's Assistant Curator of Primates Jill Andrews told ABC7.

As previously reported, the Zoo hasn't paid out the $5,000 reward for Banana Sam's safe return, and there's no word yet on whether or not they plan to offer it to the lucky/suspicious Stern Grove stroller with the backpack. SFPD explained that the investigation is still open. If this whole thing turns out to be an elaborate heist and the rescuer is, in fact, in cahoots with the vandals who broke in to the primate exhibit — well, then we can't help but be impressed by the amount of effort these guys went through for a measly $5,000 payout.

Regarding his extraction from Stern Grove, Banana Sam's twitter alter ego explained he was tricked in to the backpack with promises of "an awesome party, dude." At 17-years-old he should really know better than that.

In related (ahem) monkey business news, Banana Sam is reportedly "pooping well", so at least he's got that going for him.