Remember way back in January 2011, when the promise of a mayor with less exciting hair and a refreshed lineup at the Board of Supervisors had every political wonk in town excited for things like "change" and "progress"? Neither do we. But we do remember the time that one notoriously feisty District 6 Supervisor and current dive bar owner took to the mic in the Board chambers to re-appropriate gangster rap lyrics* to describe, "the biggest fumble in San Francisco politics."

In the ensuing year, Supervisor Chris Daly didn't exactly do much to haunt anybody. At least nothing that was visible from our pew at the back of the Board Chambers, or in real life. Aside from some appearances on the campaign trail with mayoral runner-up John Avalos, it seems Daly spent most of 2011 toiling away as a formidable mid-Market barkeep.

In 2012, however, now faced with the prospect of seeing another seat on the Board ending up under Mayor Ed Lee's control, Daly is threatening to run again. Although he's only been termed out of City Hall for a year (termed-out Supes have to sit out for four years before running for the same seat), there's a possibility Daly could have a crack at the District 5 seat left empty by former Supe/incumbent Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. Daly, who formerly presided over District 6, has reportedly asked the City Attorney for a ruling on whether or not he can run in a different district. (Related: City Attorney Herrera previously blocked Michela Alioto-Pier from seeking a third term after being termed out in only 7 years.)

Regardless of the City Attorney's ruling, Daly's decision to run hinges on two things: whoever Mayor Lee sticks in the District 5 seat for the interim year, and whether or not another "homegrown" progressive emerges in the awkward district that encompasses the Fillmore, the Western Addition, the Haight and the Panhandle. With London Breed, Executive Director of the African American Art & Culture Complex, basically anointed by the Chronicle already and the other potential replacements being groomed for electability (and the fact that Mirkarimi has no say in all this), it's looking increasingly likely that City Hall will, in fact, see some haunting this year.

(*Daly may have been quoting American Pie 3, the jury's still out on this one.)