MUSIC: Spend your New Year's shaking that a$$ to witty, high-energy hip hop by Kreayshawn (who now lives in Los Angeles), and smart/quirky electronic indie by Wallpaper, along with Roach Gigz, Starting Six, DJ Amen, and DJ Fatboy. (8 p.m., The Regency Ballroom, 1290 Sutter Street)

PERFORMANCE: Acclaimed campy burlesque show and dance party In Bed with Fairy Butch is back from a nearly five year hiatus and promises to wow "queers of all genders & colors & down straight folks, too" with performances by "the Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, the darkwave electro-pop sensation Black Glitter, including vocalists Tyler Holmes and San Cha, studly drag king Jesse Sangria, and the inimitable Persia." (8 p.m., The Blue Macaw, 2565 Mission Street)

COMEDY: "Actor, Writer & Comedic Dervish" Will Franken "who is best described as a 'one man Monty Python'" headlines A San Francisco New Year's Comedy Show featuring a great line-up of funny folks, including Kurt Weitzmann, Natasha Muse, Eric Cash, and Frisco Fred. (10 p.m., The Actors Theatre, 855 Bush Street)