24-hour service, along with round-the-clock breakfast, is a Jack in the Box trademark. Unfortunately for the discount burger chain, the siren call of two tacos for 99¢ at any hour of the night seems to attract an unruly crowd to the location at 11th and Geary in the Richmond District.

After that particular franchise played a part in the recent attack on local firefighter Albert Bartal, nearby residents have come out of the avenues to decry the restaurant as a neighborhood nuisance. As you might expect from a 24-hour fast food joint, the location attracts its share of wobbly drunks who stumble in late night looking for a limp hamburger or three for the road. Despite the restaurant's best efforts to clean things up — hiring security for weekend nights, brightening up the exterior lighting, pruning some overgrown foliage outside — the neighbors still want the restaurant's hours trimmed back.

And the neighbors might just get their way. According to the city's Entertainment Commission the restaurant needs a special permit to operate after 2 a.m. — a permit the restaurant held in the past, but the current owner didn't seem to realize he needed. For now, SFPD has ordered the joint to close up shop promptly at 2 a.m, and it's unlikely they'll get the necessary permits to stay open late now that the neighborhood groups have spoken.