While we don't approve of using children as activists, we do enjoy seeing wee ones tell creeps to stop acting like stab-worthy racist, homophobic meanies to their parents. Take, for example, little Elijah who recently explained to disgraced GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachman that his queer mom, YouTube user armoriendi, doesn't need fixing. Glorious, right?

That said, the kid does seem coerced into it. Poor little fella. Elijah is uncomfortable. Guess it's nice to know, though, that far-right fist-shakers aren't the only ones who exploit kids to get their points across. But at least Elijah is correct here. So, you know, there's that. Civil rights notwithstanding, that wasn't cool, mom.

Bachman, noted for her anti-freedom of religion ways as much as she is for her chilling smile, has described homosexuality as "sexual dysfunction," "sexual identity disorders," and "personal enslavement" that leads to "sexual anarchy." Aided in part by her allegedly closeted husband, Marcus, Bachmann & Associates, a "Christian" counseling service located outside Minneapolis, provides bogus conversion therapy, "a controversial psychological treatment repudiated by the American Psychological Association, which attempts to transform homosexuals into heterosexuals."

[via DListed]