We want to be supportive of the Occupy movement. We do. But as with all things (and like most Americans), we bore easily. But we're trying to stay alert and remain positive as we read about today's planned rallies at "at least two" homes — one in S.F.'s Bayview district, and the other in West Oakland — where homeowners are facing eviction due to foreclosure between now and January. At least this is more on-message than Saturday's weird attack on Tacolicious!

Rallies today will happen at at 10:30 a.m. at a home at 1379 Quesada Avenue in S.F., and at 4 p.m. in Oakland at DeFremery Park at 16th and Adeline streets to support homeowners there. The Queseda Avenue home belongs to Vivian Richardson, and is near where former sheriff's deputy Carolyn Gage was arrested for trying to occupy her foreclosed home early last month. A total of 11 homes on Queseda Avenue are facing foreclosure, with four families already evicted.

This is actually a nationwide Occupy day of action dubbed "Occupy Our Homes," in which such individual homes are being used to bring further attention to the housing and foreclosure crisis.

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