As is our monthly tradition around here, we now present our favorite utterances from the December issue of San Francisco's "most exclusive news magazine". Provided (mostly) without commentary and in no particular order. This month's theme: Christmastime and reflecting on 2011.

  • "If you had a windfall of cash, art, stock, or real estate this year, you can make a big donation to your [Donor Advised Fund], get the tax credit this year, and then direct the foundation to distribute the funds to the charities of your choice in the months or years ahead." - Jennifer Raiser's "What Gives? Giving in to Great Giving" philanthropy column.

  • "These parties are often designed by Stanlee Gatti, who has been known to buy all the roses available in Equador for one single event." - Heide Van Doren Bentz, discussing Ann Getty's philanthropy parties in her column on style and entertaining.

  • "On a rainy and gloomy morning in San Francisco, Angelique Griepp walks into a Starbucks near her Russian Hill home, wide-awake and cheery.... After they cram into the tiny table, Angelique quickly pulls out her iPhone to see how many slaves it took to make the coffee I’m drinking (the count is four)." - Kellie Ell's report on "Slavery Footprint", an app that tells users how much forced labor was required to produce something they've bought.

  • "Because I eat out a lot, I finally felt a need to enroll in Menu Comprehension at the California Culinary Academy to become more fluent in ordering." - Gerald Nachman's Hometown Tourist column.

  • "In Berkeley, I once ordered a chef's salad that arrived un-tossed, so I sent it back to be tossed, but the chef sent it right back to me." - Also from Gerald Nachman's column, which is just priceless.

  • "If you want to make a toast, don’t clink your silverware on your glass to get everyone’s attention. This will only break the crystal." - Lisa Grotts' holiday etiquette tips.

  • "In the United States, in spite of the recession, we seem to be drinking, not so much more, but better spirits." - Ed Schwartz' "Upper-Crust Spirits" report on the year's best booze.

  • "When you need a rest from your [Porsche] Panamera: jump into your Fiat 500, a brilliant, charming, characterful, sub-$20,000 car... It, and a Panamera, might be the perfect two-car family solution!" - Martin Swig's always informative automotive column.

  • "Our family often went to our house in Vail for Christmas. President Gerald Ford and 'Saint' Jack Nicklaus shared the tradition of lighting the town’s Christmas tree." - Sandra Swanson's "Slouching Towards Bethlehem — While Keeping Up Traditions" list of Christmas memories.

  • "We feel the urge to not only enjoy material goods ourselves, but to indulge others, sharing rich foods and beautiful objects." - Pamela Troy's Holiday Shopping column.

Honorable Mention: Marla Zellerbach's holiday poem "Holiday Nonsense 2011", which is actually just a list of names of rich and influential San Franciscans.