Still wrapping up his post-election coverage, Willie Brown gives us a glimpse in to the charmed world of a local power broker (or not) at the "Run, Ed, Run" victory dinner last week. "Rose Pak was in fine form," he says. Meaning she used her first pblic speaking time since the campaign to curse like a sailor and probably smoke an entire carton of menthols.

While she was going at it, Rose knocked Willie's employers at the Chronicle for questioning Lee's campaign before announcing she could do a much better job of handling David Chiu's responsibilities in District Three. And now we have the possibility of Rose Pak on the Board of Supervisors to look forward to.

In other party season news, Willie attended the Nob Hill Gazette's holiday party in the swank Fairmont Hotel penthouse. (We suppose our invite was lost in the mail? There must have been some mistake.) The highlight of the party was, apparently, a door that Marilyn Monroe once walked through. Sounds like a cool party.

Sounds like a slow week dining out for Willie Brown though, he didn't have much to say about the new renovations at the W Hotel, where his colleague at the Chronicle recently trounced the new restaurant redo. "We older folks will stay up the street at the St. Regis," Willie proclaims. Without pointing out that he actually lives at the St. Regis.

Finally, it was on to some pre-Thanksgiving rib plates. As with his favored political candidates, Willie never hesitates to tell you when one plate of smokey pork ribs is better than another. This week Willie measured up Baby Blues BBQ in the Mission against Hillstone, his incumbent favorite for best Baby Backs. Actually he didn't notice if the ribs were good or not. He was too busy enjoying "the best mac and cheese" and "the best cold slaw" [sic]. But if he's going to play favorites, he can't forget his oft-mentioned 1300 on Fillmore, because "you also get corn bread." Never forget the corn bread.