by Micke Tong

While observing Bay Area artist Scott Greenwalt's work, we can't help but imagine a real-time transmutation taking place. Humanoid deconstructed body parts, follicles of hair and organs are displayed with high contrast and a rich colorful palette. Scott shows us a very labyrinthine technique of paint strokes, which depicts polygonal shapes (plane figure that is bounded by a closed path) and branches of veins.

Like a mad scientist, Greenwalt's immense sci-fi inspired paintings reveal a complicated, yet contemporary look at what happens when your imagination runs rampant. “Something About Albert Hofmann”, stands out to define Scott's psyche, pulling numerous and quite elaborate elements into one cohesive subject.

Consecutively, for the past few years Scott Greenwalt has showed us a steady abundance of work that has not only entertained our eyes, but he also makes us ponder and converse about his irrational reality in his art.

The Alchemist will be open for public viewing in the Mission district's Gallery Hijinks (2309 Bryant Street) until December 17th, 2011.