Huh. What are you still doing behind that screen? Shouldn't you be stuck on a crowded Muni and/or BART train right now? Or stuck in traffic on the bridge? Or, better yet, liver deep in a bottle of bourbon while fretting over Mrs Dalloway-like preparations for tomorrow's big dinner? It's the day before Thanksgiving, you see, and your supervisor should have let you go home by now. If not, you must report him or her to HR at once.

For those of you still at work, please explain yourselves in the comments.

Who us? OK, fine. We'll go first: We're still at work because we are always at work. Our computer is always on, day or night, in an effort to feed you tidbits of information. It's why we live. It's what we enjoy. However, we did manage to prepare some choice Thanksgiving Day food fare in advance AND string up layers of pristine white holiday lights near the SFist HQ windows. (Look for the rubber tree plant covered in twinkly, well-dispersed lights while you're heading eastbound on the Bay Bridge!)

Tell us why you're still at work. Because you should be home by now. (Unless, of course, you work in the food industry, in which you've got a hellish night ahead of you. Godspeed.)