Local fans of soul food, brunch and waiting in line to eat in the Tenderloin have been keeping an eye on Dottie's True Blue Cafe since rumors surfaced back in June that the popular spot would be leaving it's current home on Jones Street. Since Dottie's fans seem to be accustomed to waiting, the nearly half-year wait for news was probably no big deal and this week we have word that Dottie's will be the next lucky establishment to jump in to the trouble, but upwardly mobile gourmet ghetto at Sixth and Market.

As Tablehopper reports, Dottie's chef-owner Kurt Abney will be taking over the lovely, patio-topped space at 28 6th Street that Passion Café has been looking to evacuate ever since owner Steve Barton was assaulted back in May. Barton was one of the first to put a little faith in recent Mid-Market revitalization efforts which now includes Showdogs around the corner and the latest outpost of Pearl's Deluxe Burgers next door.

The new Dottie's will swing open the doors in the middle of December and will seat more than twice as many folks as the old space on Jones Street, which should help with those wait times. Expect even more available tables once the warm weather returns, as Abner plans to fully embrace that rooftop patio up there.

The old Dottie's, meanwhile, looks to be closing around the first week of December. So this weekend would be a good time to get those famous pancakes if you find yourself suddenly nostalgic.

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