Sure, mid-November seems a tiny bit early to be releasing the year's "Best of" lists, but EaterSF's Best of 2011 Awards are notable for at least one category you won't find in any of the print rags: San Francisco's Best Restaurant Bathroom. And behold, the winner is: Japantown's Bushi-Tei and its zen-like facilities.

As Eater explains, along with a professional photo of the winning water closet, Bushei-Tei's $5,000 Toto Neorest toilets are the very same thrones preferred by Jennifer Lopez (and, we should point out, many a Google employee). The evacuation chambers also include river rocks in the sink (for that peaceful flowing-water sound) and a bench made of wood from the Nagano prefecture where your pee pal can wait while you take your time figuring out all those toilet controls.

Pop over to Eater for the rest of their early bird year-end list including their picks for the Best Chef and Best Bartender in the city. Or, if you're only interested in toilet technology, the facilities and the fancy Japanese toilet are already fairly well-documented on Yelp.

[Bushi-Tei on Yelp]