As part of their ongoing (and some might say misguided) efforts to fix the taxi situation in San Francisco, the Municipal Transportation Agency is fielding proposals for new cab stands spread around town. In North Beach, a small group of business owners see the cab stand plan as an opportunity to stimulate business along their porny/clubby Broadway corridor.

The group, called Voice of Broadway and headed up by Broadway Studios venue owner Francesca Valdez, told the Examiner they are concerned that the neighborhood's dearth of parking and traffic-clogged streets are keeping out potential new customers. As Valdez explained, “We have at least 20 entertainment centers on Broadway, but getting new customers here has been very difficult. We have a lot to offer, but few people know about us.

Hard to tell where all these people who have never heard of Broadway and Columbus are hiding, or why the concierge at their business hotels haven't pointed them in the direction of the tourist-friendly nightlife in the area, but putting in taxi stands on Broadway could have the added benefit of alleviating the ongoing problem of nightclub-adjacent violence. Or as the Voice of Broadway puts it, "It’s a busy thoroughfare where people can’t load and unload into cars, so they stick around on the sidewalk, and that’s where the trouble starts."

Got that? The trouble isn't with the nightclubs, or the parking lots — it's in the crowds of people milling about waiting to go home. Or, even more likely, a combination of those three.

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