Fairfield / Murder-Suicide: 35-year-old Enrique Preciado shot and killed his 25-year-old wife, Erica Dominguez, while driving in a white Cadillac on Chadbourne Road in Fairfield, only to immediately turn the gun on himself. Having heard reports from neighbors of a conflict involving a gun, police were looking out for the Cadillac and were preparing to pull it over when they saw the shot inside the vehicle. They then saw the second shot, and the vehicle rolled to a stop. [Chron]

FiDi / Bank Robbery: Yet another bank robbery, which makes like about a half dozen in recent months, occurred Wednesday morning on the 200 block of California Street. The suspect, a white man in his 50s, fled the scene and has not been found. [BCN/Appeal]

Tenderloin / Assault: A woman was assaulted by a known drug dealer who lived in her building, who tried to kiss her while she was taking out her trash and subsequently forced himself into her apartment. The victim managed to flee and find police who went to the man's apartment and arrested him for drug possession, terrorist threats, and aggravated assault. [Examiner]

Outer Mission / Purse Snatching: A woman had her purse taken and was knocked to the ground by a male assailant in his 20s near Delano and Shawnee Avenues on Wednesday night around 9:45 p.m. [BCN/Appeal]