With the race for Sheriff wrapped up for Ross Mirkarimi, the next round of political handwringing turns to focus on who the mayor will install to cover the last year of Mirkarimi's term as District 5 Supervisor. Perhaps feeling a boost in confidence now that his interim stint is basically guaranteed to go full term, the Mayor is not exactly being coy about his intentions for the District 5 seat. As he told reporters at merchant walk yesterday, he's looking for, "somebody who can represent the district and also win too (in the November 2012 election)".

Lee also wants to make sure the new D5 supe will get along nicely with the rest of the board (which: boring), but Mirkarimi weighed in as well, asking for a replacement who was "well-rounded, but clear on those positions that I think represent the district." From where we sit in the SFist Western Branch office in D5, those positions are continuing: Mirkarimi's drop in crime and improvements to tricky corridors like the Divisadero comeback kid, fixing the mess on Masonic Street and (of course) making sure we get our Bi-Rite and Four Barrel. Because a district is nothing without fourth-wave coffee.

As one local blogger joked, Bevan Dufty could hastily switch districts to cash in on the swing vote he put in for Ed Lee back in January. While that seems unlikely, it's not entirely far-fetched. (Plus, Dufty could always move in to one of those charming Duboce Triangle Victorians and keep close to his Castro roots.)

Previous speculation named Sierra Club chairman John Rizzo as a possible replacement, although that scenario hinged on Leland Yee winning the mayor's race, so that's out. (Sorry, Rizzo.)