During a budding Occupy Berkeley demonstration Wednesday at the UC Berkeley campus, police charged at a group of protesting students before retreating. As the cops attacked the kids, the group chanted, "Stop beating students! Stop beating students!" In the video, you can see a few young men and women getting pounded in the stomaches with police batons.

Miles Mathews captured the scene below:

On Monday, if you recall, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau sent out a campus-wide letter warning students and faculty against setting up tents or disturbing classes, stating:

Any activities such as pulling fire alarms, occupying buildings, setting up encampments, graffiti, or other destructive actions that disrupt with anyone's ability to conduct regular activities -- go to class, study, carry out their research, etc. -- will not be tolerated.


After getting hit by police officers, Shane Boyle, a Cal graduate student involved in the melee, told The Chronicle, "It really, really hurt - I got the wind knocked out of me...I was lucky I only got hit twice." He also revealed a red welt on his chest.

Six UC Berkeley students and english professor Celeste Langan were arrested for "resisting and delaying police officers."

After the officers left the scene, students quickly replaced their tents at Sproul Plaza.

Update: Defying UC policy, Occupy Cal students spent most of the evening on Sproul Plaza pitching tents and protesting in direct opposition to Chancellor Birgeneau's orders.

Video below shows tension simmering between protesters and police, especially around the 6:00 mark.