It's another roundup of Occupy-related bits, covering more than just the modest but proud S.F. camp.

Over in Oakland, news has come out that a second Iraq war veteran was injured in a conflict with police after Wednesday's general strike. 32-year-old Kayvan Sabeghi was taking part in protests earlier in the day but had left to go have dinner with a friend in the evening hours. He was walking home, down 14th Street near Frank Ogawa Plaza, when he encountered a protest faction and a line of police who would not let him pass, despite his being able to see his apartment from where they stood. He asked repeatedly to be allowed to pass to go home, but he ended up getting beaten by police with batons so severely that he suffered a lacerated spleen. He was hospitalized, but remains in good spirits. Meanwhile injured Marine vet Scott Olsen released a message urging everyone to remain non-violent in the face of police brutality. [ABC 7, Tribune]

And in case you missed it, the Chron published a piece yesterday about the "internal dissent" among the Oakland occupiers regarding the actions of the black-clad anarchists on Wednesday/Thursday.

"Remember, remember, the 5th of November..." It's November 5th, everyone. Guy Fawkes Day in England, and in case you hadn't noticed, those Guy Fawkes/V for Vendetta masks are now an official symbol of the Occupy movement -- and some cheeky (Seattle-based?) graphic designer appears to have snuck one onto Starbucks' holiday cups this year too. (Fawkes is also a mascot for the hacker collective Anonymous.)

It's also, as you've probably heard, Bank Transfer Day, and those stalwart protesters sitting outside banks at the Occupy Walnut Creek camp are doing their best to encourage people to withdraw their money from the Chase Bank there. [CBS]

And back at the mothership, Occupy Wall Street, they've had to erect a women-only tent after reports of two sexual assaults. Both alleged assaults were committed by the same 26-year-old man, who in one case is accused of raping an 18-year-old after inviting her to share his tent. [Gothamist]