On last night's Daily Show, host Jon Stewart reprised his role as Occupy Movement PR coach to remind everyone (again) that, "if this thing turns in to throwing trash cans in to Starbucks windows, nobody's gonna be down with that." Which, of course, is exactly what happened when one group of the protesters turned violent on a Whole Foods store.

Stewart added, "I know it's not all of you...it's a small number of you...but you will always be judged by your worst elements, and it's very tough to wrangle a leaderless movement." He went on to suggest "peer pressure" as a way to combat over-excited Occupy Oakland ilk.

And in case you missed the less glossy view from the ground at the vandalized Whole Foods, here's raw video of the dustup between peaceful protesters and a black-masked splinter group:

Helpfully, some of the Occupiers pitched in to clean up Oakland yesterday.

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