Behold Bevan Dufty, your wittiest San Francisco mayoral candidate. The openly Pisces / former District 8 supervisor devoted more than 18 years of service to San Francisco, including eight years on the Board of Supervisors. Of Mr. Dufty's many accomplishments, the most pressing and remarkable has to be the fact that his godmother was Billie Holiday. Which, jealous. We sure are. Anyway, his Twentysomething answers are as follows:

1. Introduce yourself in one sentence
He builds to the big picture by fixing the basics

2. Zodiac sign
Classic Pisces

3. Hometown
New York City

4. How many years in SF or Bay Area
1971-1976 and then since 1993

5. Favorite SF neighborhood
Bayview -- I've spent so much time in BVHP during the campaign and intend to spend even MORE time as Mayor!

6. Berkeley or Oakland
Rebecca Kaplan is a great colleague and collaborator, so I'll say Oakland

7. Neighborhood you call home
Lower Haight

8. How much do you pay in rent/mortgage
$1,394 house note and $700 for property taxes monthly

9. What was your first job
Running the xerox room at 13 for the Economic Manpower Corporation on 57th Street -- hope it wasn't against the law to get a paycheck at that age!

10. Best sandwich
Tie between Love Triangle at Ike's or the Vietnamese Tuna at Dinosaur's

11. Great Quake or Loma Prieta
Great Quake

12. Favorite MUNI line
The T or Powell Cable Car

13. Favorite politician of past or present (you can only pick one)
Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm -- lots of great stories and memories of this amazing trailblazer.

14. Best TV show of past or present (you can only pick one)
Southland I'm in love with Regina King

15. Favorite bridge
Golden Gate Bridge (I served on their Board for five years)

16. Best restaurant
Yank Sing

17. SF would be soooo much better if only...
People picked up after themselves and didn't dump so much trash on the streets -- and paid more attention to recycling and composting -- it's not that difficult!!!

18. SF has the greatest

19. Redheads, y/n?
Have you heard of Red Meat, the party for Gay Redheads and the Men Who Love Them? Of course, YES!

20. Question you'd ask if you were doing this interview:
How much campaign $$$ was raised by Exes for Bevan?


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