As is our monthly tradition around here, we now present our favorite utterances from the November issue of San Francisco's "most exclusive news magazine". Provided (mostly) without commentary and in no particular order. This month's theme: The Spirit of Giving. Because, you know, the holidays and such.

A special note about the cover this month: Besides being an advertisement for an expensive social networking gala and claiming the magazine is "San Francisco's Original Social Network", the photo of this lovely open-air social setting was staged on one of the terraces of the Hotel Vitale. The Hotel Vitale, you might be aware, overlooks the Occupy SF encampment. We don't mean to imply that the Nob Hill Gazette looks down upon the Occupy Movement, but also: they're literally looking down on the Occupy Movement. So there's that. On to the excerpts:

  • "The Nob Hill Gazette always tries to support San Francisco’s spirit of giving, and the November issue reflects that... throughout the following pages, we cover a generous 23-plus fundraising parties. We also offer great tips about cars, wines, and real estate—as well as suggestions for dining grand-hotel style or getting away to some of the wine country’s most popular weekend retreats." - Publisher Lois Lehrman's monthly Dear Readers introduction.

  • "[I]t has been shown that after only eight hours of sleep deprivation, one’s mental and physical functioning is affected in ways similar to being legally drunk." - Dr. Matthew Mingrone and Dr. Jordan Shlain's "Sleep Disorders and Dementia Linked"

  • "Are you a 'hearth-throb'? Do you lust after shiny, six-burner beauties and sleek stainless steel SubZeros? Dream of a granite kitchen counter encounter? Pine for new drawers or cupboard doors? Then you have a certified case of custom kitchen covetousness. It’s highly contagious, really." - Jennifer Raiser's "The Cure for the Common Kitchen"

  • "Thanksgiving holidays tend to blur together, and the only standouts seem to be those marked by something that went terribly wrong. Such as the time this scribe’s history-buff uncle insisted upon recreating the Pilgrims’ “true” first Thanksgiving menu: eel, swan, venison, and seal." - Sandra J. Swanson's Host Stories column about memorable holidays.

  • "When Sallie and Leon Huntting organized a group of their family and friends for Thanksgiving at a villa in Puerto Vallarta, they packed up the perfect Bryan’s turkey to take along. Before they could remove their shoes and belts in the security line, the bird was confiscated. After settling into the villa and discussing their predicament over several glasses of wine, they set out to the local marketplace for a “suitable replacement,” as Sallie describes it. They roasted a sad, skinny, and whole pollo (all appendages intact) with lots of extra stuffing, poured more wine, and this has become a Thanksgiving to remember." - Also from Sandra J. Swanson's Host Stories column about memorable holidays.

  • "If your car is invited to The Quail, Monterey’s most elegant and exclusive August car show, you join rarefied company. The Quail is a garden party, limited to 2,000 guests, on the Quail Lodge property in Carmel Valley. Guests stroll along the grass, viewing the cars, pausing for gourmet snacks and Monterey wines graciously served on the perimeter. Two friends of mine entered wildly contrasting cars this year." - Martin Swig's Wheels column report from "The Quail" car show.

  • "Dining in hotel restaurants doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal or stuffy affair. Backed by talented chefs and designers, many San Francisco hotels have created inviting and innovative eateries. These spots are a great destination after a Union Square shopping spree, for meeting out-of-town friends, or simply for treating yourself to a special night out, “grand hotel” style. Now that it’s the holiday season, this is a great time to try one of these terrific hotel restaurants." - James Stolich introducing some "New and Recent Hotel Offerings."

  • "The scale, size, and shape of the rooms [in a home at 2655 Broadway] make this a one-of-a-kind “find.” It is not only architecturally interesting, but the house is perfect for entertaining. In fact, the current owners have hosted many international piano and opera recitals inside the home." - Amy Levins' "Priciest Homes on the Market" report.

  • "If you’re in the mood to splurge—Auberge du Soleil is the place. No expense is spared at this lavish A-list hot spot frequented by celebrities, such as Christina Aguilera, who paid a recent visit. This utopia-on-a-hill is nestled among silvery olive groves and offers spectacular valley views that go on for miles." - From Kellie Ell's "Over the River and Through the Woods" weekend getaways report. (Emphasis theirs.)

  • "The trim cut is also evident in women’s formal fashions, something Linda Eller, personal shopper at San Francisco’s Neiman Marcus, attributes to the emphasis on fitness. 'The most noticeable recent change is the trend to the column-like gowns that we saw at the recent galas. It is a bow to the fact that today’s woman takes good care of herself and is willing to wear a gown that highlights her figure.' " - From Pamela Troy's "Party Dressing" fashion report.

  • Bonus Danielle Steel takedown: "When Danielle [Steel] denounced San Francisco for not meeting her exacting standards of chic, diehard citizens like me were stunned. Alright, so the city’s a little dirtier than it used to be, but what does this say about the wretches among us who are happy to live here in squalor? That we are “untouchables” willing to reside amid the muck? Or, that we have no eye for good taste or true chic? (This may not count as chic, but I’ve never read a Danielle Steel novel.)" - From former Chronicle columnist Gerald Nachman's "I Left My Dirt in San Francisco"