Let us go on the record right now as saying We Like Tall Buildings. We do. We think this city would be all the prettier with a few more actually tall structures, and everyone who whines about shadows and crap should go move to Danville and be done with urban life. That being said, the multifaceted impacts of a 1,000-foot skyscraper (a mere 61 stories, child's play really) will be hotly contested on Thursday at the Planning Commission's weekly meeting, in which they'll be taking public comment on the Transbay Tower and Transit Center District Plan.

The fun starts at 5:30, and we're sure the shadow people will be there, and various height-averse people, and your requisite, SRO-dwelling NIMBYs who foment rage over such projects because they literally have nothing better to do between episodes of Judge Judy. Oh! And some homeless advocates are likely to speak up, just for good measure, as well as affordable housing advocates, because this is mostly an office and retail project. Perhaps you have an opinion you'd like to express? They'd love to hear it, truly. Report to Room 400 in City Hall, Thursday evening.

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