In another case of out-of-town interests meddling in our local mayoral election, the St. Louis-based (maybe) American Mustache Institute has endorsed our mustachioed temporary mayor in next week's election. The AMI, which considers itself, "the bravest organization in the history of mankind behind only the U.S. military and the post-Jim Henson Muppets," described their support for Lee in a blog post today:

The race for Mayor of the city has been as spirited as San Francisco itself, drawing candidates who represent the diverse factions of the city. For AMI, the choice in the Mayoral race has been less about politics and more about the conflict between mustaches and goatees.

After defending their stubbly snub of Supervisor and Goatee-wearer John Avalos, the Institute goes on:

Indeed, it is time for the streets of Chinatown, Castro, Pacific Heights, Haight-Asbury, and other neighborhoods within the city to shimmer with the glow of Mayor Lee’s lower nasal forestry.

It is the right time and right place for San Franciscans to embrace the sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle. And it is for that reason the administration of the American Mustache Institute endorses Ed Lee for Mayor of San Francisco.

Unfortunately, Mayor Lee is not participating in Mo'vember, a worldwide effort to stop prostate cancer through upper lip hair growth.