They say there's no such thing as earthquake weather. There's also no such thing as astrology, if you ask your more rational Virgo friends anyway, and we still see too many patterns there to ignore. But earthquake weather is usually thought to be calm, hot, and still, where a creepy silence comes over the land as all the birds and animals instinctively head for shelter. Clearly earthquakes are on our mind. Today's not going to be hot enough, probably, to qualify for earthquake weather, but still you might enjoy playing this song to get you through the morning.

But after being awoken to a shaking bed at 5:36 this morning we drifted quickly back into a slumber that led to a dream, sometime around 7:00 a.m., in which we thrown from bed by a much stronger quake. Our first thought: protect the computer. Second thought: get under desk. Third thought: mom's going to shit herself over there on the east coast unless we call her. Fourth thought: We really should have pulled that kit together by now. Shit. It's going to be a consistently clear, sunny, LA-like, 70-something degrees for the next few days. Try not to let it alarm you, and at least get to a bank to put together that roll of small bills for your go-bag.