Occupy San Jose protester Shaun O'Kelly, who goes by the name of "Cracker", has been sitting on top a three-story wall at City Hall since early Monday morning. Cracker refuses to come down until San Jose Police agree not to remove the Occupy protesters from the plaza below. Last night, SJPD cleared out the encampment despite O'Kelly's high-minded effort. KTVU reports seven protesters were arrested during a 3:30 a.m. rousing at the Occupy San Jose encampment.

Cracker, who remains the sole occupier at San Jose's City Hall, has been receiving food from his fellow protesters which he hoists up to his perch using a rope and a plastic bag. No word yet on where he does his business, but a spokesman for the San Jose Police told KTVU, "Rather than forcing a confrontation and risking him injuring himself, we're going to wait for him to come down."

ABC7 has the video report: