Proving that the Occupy SF movement isn't limited to the average and benign San Francisco protester, Bay Area's religious leaders joined the movement today. With denominations as varied as Muslim and Buddhist to Jewish and Christian, an estimated 25 congregations marched today in solidarity with Occupy SF, decrying the disparity in wealth between the rich and the poor.

The Chron notes today that "[a]bout 200 supporters of the Occupy movement marched down Market Street, singing religious songs and waving banners, including some reading, 'Forgive us our debts.'"

Meanwhile, at Occupy SF in Justin Herman Plaza, the tent encampment shows no signs of abating. Scores of protesters have built makeshift abodes across from the Ferry Building, with peaceful vibes running throughout. We can note, however, that the city should think of installing more porta-potties. Seriously. No one, namely your editor, needs to see a young girl defecate in the gutter while we eat our Tonno di Maiale straight from the jar. That's nasty.