Today in beefy, ground-up, grilled news: Maverick on 17th Street is bringing back their weekly Tuesday Butter Burger special, starting today and in the same limited quantities as the first time around.

For the uninitiated, a Butter Burger is more or less exactly what it sounds like: a hamburger made from 70% beef, 20% butter and 10% bacon all shoved together in a meat grinder to make one unholy patty. The whole thing is cooked sous vide with another hunk of butter before grilling in a skillet with even more butter. There's a lot of butter in there, is what we're saying. It comes served with fries and a glass of red for 18 bucks. Not included in the price: the bump to your health insurance premiums.

Meanwhile, down in the Marina the last vestiges of retro-inspired soda jerk Johnny Rockets on Chestnut Street have finally given way to a new outpost of forward-thinking local chain Super Duper Burger. Assuming final inspections go as planned, you could be placing orders as early as tomorrow's dinner service. [Pro-tip: They'll gladly spike your milkshake, which the staff at In-N-Out didn't take kindly to the last time we tried.]

With Super Duper moving in, the recent opening on the Bay Area's first Umami Burger just a few blocks away and notable burger spots Roam and Marengo just down the street, the Marina is becoming something of a hamburger mecca. There's a "Cow Hollow" joke in there somewhere.

Finally, because we don't want to let the Butter Burger thing go, here's a video Thrillist put together awhile back, walking us through the process from grinding to plating. [Warning: not safe for vegans and the lactose intolerant.]