Opening tonight in Hayes Valley is a new wine bar/cocktail bar/cafe/book exchange called Two Sisters Bar & Books (579 Hayes Street). The sisters in question, partners in the business with one of their husbands, modeled the concept on "an incredible bookstore in Krakow; a quintessential coffeehouse in Vienna; a neighborhood bar in Paris; the young, urban, do-it-yourself restaurant scene in Brooklyn; and our Northern California roots." And the vibe is very Europe-meets-Brooklyn, with a tight small plates menu of comforting California food, and a cocktail list which is -- of necessity because they're waiting on a full liquor license -- all vermouth- and beer-based at the moment.

Below, the favorite of a couple we tried at a soft-opening event last night: the Goat Town NYC. As co-owner Mikha Diaz tells us, it's modeled after a cocktail they serve at Goat Town, a restaurant in Manhattan -- she recently relocated from New York, about a year ago, and her sister (who curated the book collection) still lives there full time. She says the proportions are a little different, but she always loved this drink and the spirit of it remains the same.

Goat Town NYC

1.5 oz. Carpano Antica
1.5 oz. Cardamaro
1 barspoon simple syrup
0.5 oz. fresh lemon juice
3 oz. red wine

Shake the first four ingredients in a shaker with ice. Pour over ice in a rocks glass. Top with red wine float and garnish with a lemon twist.