The Treasure Island Music Festival is this weekend. Are you going? We're going. It's going to be great, the weather appears to be on our side, the lineup is enticing and there's a new giant statue to stare at. Because this isn't our first time out at the island's music we thought we'd share a few pro-tips for an enjoyable weekend at Treasure Island:

First things first, if you've got tickets, you've no doubt already got a few acts you're excited to see. We'll spare you the gushing band descriptions and instead, remind you to check the schedule and so you can get out to the island in time to actually enjoy them. There are a lot of great early sets this year, so plan accordingly. Speaking of which...

Getting there: If you have tickets, you ought to know by now that there's no parking on the island unless you sprung for the VIP package. The rest of us proles will have to schlep it over on the free shuttles that leave from Lot A just across McCovey Cove from AT&T Park. If previous years are any indication, arriving at Lot A any time after 2 or 3 p.m. means you'll be greeted with a nice long line for the shuttles.

Mercifully, the shuttles themselves aren't so bad (they're the same buses that carry Google employees down the peninsula during the week) and they tend to show stoner-friendly movies on the way home. PRO-TIP: If you've got three or four people in your group, it can be worth the twenty bucks or so to catch a cab over to the island. Same goes for the return trip, when a de facto cabstand tends to pop up just outside the line for the return shuttles.

Optimal Observation Points: If you're a picnicking type, set up your blanket in the middle of the field near the soundbooth for the main stage. The nice thing about Treasure Island is that you literally cannot miss a single set — when a Bridge Stage act wraps up, just turn around and ta-da! You'll find yourself on the edge of the crowd for the Tunnel Stage.

If you're a brightly-colored raver type, your fellow roly-polies will be spinning around and gulping bottled waters in the grassy space between the trees on the West side, towards the city.

Head-nodding, beer-swilling types: you'll find your people just in front of the main stage sound booth, to the right of the main field — a nice, not-too-crowded standing area conveniently adjacent to the row of beer mongers and wine purveyors at the North end of the concession stands. You remembered to get your 21+ wristband, right?

Proper Attire: Yes, it should be warm this weekend, but this is San Francisco after all. Bring a sweater, for goodness sakes.

Non-Music Activities: There's a ferris wheel to ride, which is always a fun way to get a bird's eye view of the festival. If you're willing to divulge your Treasure Island secrets, our friends at the Bay Bridged will film your ferris wheel ride and put you on the Internet to make you famous.

The silent disco on the East side of the festival grounds was a surprisingly fun diversion last year. If you're not aware, in a silent disco everyone dons headphones and listens to techno, but to an outside observer it's a completely noiseless dance party.

If you haven't seen it yet, Marc Cochrane's Bliss Dance sculpture is truly awe-inspiring and should add a nice element to the festival's nighttime skyline.

Bathroom facilities: The large bank of portapotties is about as far as possible from the main stage. Strategically plan your bathroom breaks so you can breeze by the Tunnel Stage without missing too much. Anecdotally speaking, lines haven't been much of a problem in the past.

Heading Home: If you're making a break for the shuttles, we highly recommend not waiting until the very end of the encore or you'll be standing in a lengthy line, sunbaked and weary from a long day on the island. Refer to aforementioned ad hoc cab stand if you've still got cash and enough friends to justify the cost.

And voila, the keys to a successful weekend are now in your hands. Don't forget to support your local openers, and we'll see you on the island!