We briefly mentioned The Ed Lee Story: An Unexpected Mayor in yesterday's Day Around the Bay, but the book's sudden cult following (or backlash, if you prefer) is worth a mention of it's own. The 127-page book cost $88,000 to print 50,000 copies and was paid for by a nebulous independent expenditure committee, but we can't fault it for doing what it says — telling the Ed Lee story from his first date in a Hong Kong McDonald's to revealing his secret recipe for ketchup-sauced spaghetti that he got from Rose Pak. (It also only takes seven pages to get to Willie Brown.) With gems like that, it's no surprise someone was trying to unload this priceless piece of literature on Craiglist for $75,000:


From the same Craigslist ad, (which was already flagged and taken down as of this morning), we also got the following scathing early reviews:

"This book was clearly not illegally coordinated with Ed Lee and his campaign. Clearly. All those personal photos, stories, and access to people didn't come from the Ed Lee and his campaign. Really. They didn't." - The New York Times Book Review

"This book was better than Twilight. After finishing this book, readers will likely decide they're no longer Team Edward or Team Jacob, but they'll be with Team Ed, uh, we mean Team Rose." - Boston Review

"Our only disappointment was that we wanted to read a chapter describing how Ed Lee parted the Red Sea and walked on water." - San Francisco Chronicle Book Reviews

While we're a little bummed we won't be able to fork over a decent household salary for the book, those of you lucky enough to find one of the free books on your doorstep should know there's already a book club where you can meet other eager Ed Lee fans. It meets at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce on October 31st at 6 p.m. and the cover charge is a $25,000 donation to Rose Pak. (Of course.)

[Note: Both the craigslist ad and the book club post share some copy and appear to be the work of the same mastermind as the Lie, Ed, Lie twitter account.]