Last night in Dolores Park, a smattering of citizens gathered at an iPhone vigil for the late Steve Jobs. "Consider it a celebration of innovation rather than of any one man," noted the official Dolores Park Facebook page.

Others, however, thought the iPhone vigil was balls out insipid and offensive. Michael G. fumes, "Are you seriously trying to hold a vigil for Steve Jobs during the high points of Occupy SF? What the fuck is wrong with you."

And Thomas Chupein chimed in with: "Disgusting. a vigil for a telephone? how about one for the millions of congolese raped and killed in a war over the minerals needed to create laptops and phones that become obsolete in a matter of months so that a corporation can reap billions of dollars?!"

The video here is slight. It gets going at around the :45 mark.

Footage credit: Jordan Grader