In the latest bit of plucky pinniped news: a sea lion flopped its way across Highway 101 early Saturday morning. After finding herself far from home and lying in a ditch on the side of the Highway, the sea lion — who rescuers named Broadway Bound — recovered Sunday at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.

Rescuers originally assumed the little misadventure was caused by a case of toxic algae poisoning, which also caused a sea lion pup to end up on Highway 880 a few years back. After bringing B.B. to their Sausalito facility, veterinarians at the Center discovered the poor creature was actually suffering from a gunshot wound to the jaw, making her the latest victim of the deplorable gun owners who seem to think it's OK to shoot a harmless sea lion in the face. Her caretakers hope to have her back to eating fish on her own soon enough.

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