In light of the historic protests currently taking place over on Wall Street, along with the trend of banks -- most notably Bank of America -- beginning to charge monthly fees for debit card use, SFist decided to make what little money we have talk by becoming a local credit union customer yesterday.

While shopping around last night, we encountered an impressive roster of potential credit unions. SF Fire Credit Union is by far the most popular one out there, and Redwood seems to have a lot of loyal customers as well. But Provident is the contender we chose, not only for its ease of use -- we signed up and immediately opened an account online, on a Sunday, but for the fact that instead of finding every way imaginable to take our hard-earned pennies, Provident will be adding 2.26% interest to them. (Provided that we actually keep any money in there.) Unheard of!

We're curious which credit unions SFist readers belong to. Fill out our handy poll! If we missed one on the list, let us know in the comments.