You've heard about this thing called "realignment," right? Because the Supreme Court ruled that California's prisons were too ridiculously overcrowded, prisoners convicted of non-violent crimes are getting "realigned" and sent back to city and county jails, and in essence getting paroled in a hurry. San Francisco's about to get a few busloads totaling 700 cons as of October 1, and at this week's Board of Supervisors meeting they introduced a piece of legislation that addresses just what the city and county are going to to do about this.

The Sentencing Commission and Recidivism Reduction Ordinance, as its called, calls for the creation of a "a disciplined committee" to help make criminal justice decisions, which DA George Gascon says are going to involve "think[ing] differently and find[ing] creative solutions" to dealing with this flood of parolees. Craft table, anyone?

We earlier heard also that Supervisor and sheriff candidate Ross Mirkarimi wants ex-cons to become a protected class, so that they don't get discriminated against applying for private-sector jobs and housing, making it illegal for landlords or employers even to ask about incarceration on applications. That should go over well, right?