For the second time, the woman accused of murdering nursing student Michelle Le declined to appear in court yesterday, claiming medical issues relating to her pregnancy. Giselle Esteban, who is now in her fifth or sixth month of a pregnancy she first told reporters about days after Le's disappearance, did not require hospitalization however, as Bay City News reports, a doctor decided she wasn’t well enough to be bused from the county jail in Dublin to the Hayward courthouse. She is currently being held without bail and is now scheduled to return to court in four weeks, on October 24, to enter a plea.

Her defense attorney, Andrea Auer, appears to be staying on board and told a judge that she has agreed to represent Esteban in the case. On October 24, she intends to seek bail for Esteban as well.

Esteban previously missed a court appearance three weeks ago, also claiming pregnancy complications, but then appeared in court a week later.

Now, we don't want to make light of a person's medical troubles, but we've got to throw a big "C'MON" out there in this particular case. Le's body was just found. This pregnancy isn't exactly new. And this woman who stands accused in the case has mounting evidence against her, and probably has reason not to want to face reality right now. We are going to call bullshit on this non-emergency pregnancy thing, because this woman needs to pay the fiddler. She is now wasting the court's time and therefore tax payer dollars with these delays.

It remains to be seen if the father of Esteban's child is the same as the father of her five-year-old daughter, Scott Marasigan, who may very well figure into a jealousy motive in Le's murder.