We know the glare on your iPad will make it tough to read our quick summary of the alt-weeklies' hits and misses this week while lounging on Hipster Hill, but please, try your best.

SF Weekly

Worth Reading: You know all those annoying twentysomethings trying to hit you up for donations to Planned Parenthood and Greenpeace? They all work for a for-profit fundraising service called Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., and the Weekly calls bullshit on the fact that Grassroots charges the charities thousands of dollars a week for their services, which means that $10 you just gave is probably more like $5, or $2.

And did you know Broken Social Scene is coming for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass? Check out the guide. Be warned you should get there early and try not to move, at all.

Funny: Bouncer columnist Katy St. Clair visits The Mix in the Castro, where she prefers the front window to the popular back patio. "This evening I'm content to sit in the front of the bar, sippin' and gazin'. The day had been unusually hot, so many of the men walking by were shirtless. But I'm not looking at the men; what I really like to check out in the Castro are the dogs. I recognize most of them immediately."

Don't Bother: Unless you want to feel really maudlin on such a beautiful day, you can skip Lauren Smiley's morbid piece about dead bodies that get shipped around California and Mexico before being buried.