Wild Rescue, the local animal rescue crew responsible for freeing tortured seagulls, saving blowdart-stabbed ducks and pulling sea lions from the mud all across the Bay Area needs some help to expand their compassionate, animal-loving operation. Specifically, they want to purchase the awesome minivan/animal ambulance you see here (although, we imagine the final product will probably come out looking less photoshopped). Why do a bunch of volunteers veterinarians need such lavish transport, you ask? Allow Wild Rescue to explain on their blog:

There are a number of wildlife hospitals in and around the Bay Area, yet few send rescuers into the field on a regular basis. Animal shelters provide pick-up services as they can, but impounded wildlife must then endure a second journey to an appropriate wildlife center for treatment.

Got that? There's a dearth of transportation options for the Bay Area's many injured and ailing creatures. Plus, just look at that thing! It's like the Ectomobile except it's a minvan for rescuing ducks.

Wild Rescue is currently set up to accept donations via an online funds drive, and there's also a benefit gala coming up in December. (Featuring all vegan food, of course.)