Chambers Eat + Drink and the adjacent Phoenix Hotel, owners of one swanky pool lounge that we never have a good opportunity to take advantage of, are seizing this little snap of Indian Summer we're having right now and throwing a swanky, LA-style pool party and all-day "Hookie Happy Hour" tomorrow afternoon. (It's LA-style because of how no one in LA works during the day, get it?) The weather tomorrow is expected to crack 80 degrees, even with the usual microclimate caveats, so it looks to be as good a day as any to ditch work and go lounge around in the Tenderloin in your finest swimwear.

Also in the SoCal tradition, the pool isn't open to just anyone - you'll need to spring for a cabana room (which is actually a regular hotel room that they kick you out of at night, just like everywhere else in the Tenderloin). On the bright side, happy hour goes all day and we hear they serve a really tall hamburger.

The whole thing happens tomorrow from 1:00 p.m. until Sunset (6:58 p.m. tomorrow, apparently).