A female cyclist was injured on September 14, on Broadway in North Beach, when her bicycle collided with an 8X bus and she was subsequently run over by its rear wheel. Muni and investigators are still trying to determine fault — cyclist Laila Brenner had changed lanes in order to avoid a double-parked car, and security-camera footage from the nearby Roaring 20s nightclub does not show definitively if the bus driver did anything wrong. But after rolling over Brenner's arm, the bus failed to stop and just drove on.

Muni has labeled the accident "non-preventable" because Brenner's "contact was with the second half of [the driver's] articulated bus, which has separate suspension from the cab housing the driver," therefore he could not be expected to feel the impact. The bicycle coalition, and likely Brenner's lawyers, disagree. Brenner remains hospitalized and heavily medicated awaiting surgeries on her arm and hand.