A group of local exhibitionists and public nudists is planning to flood the (ahem) buff stop on Castro Commons Plaza with their surely exemplary specimens of the male form this Saturday at Noon. Although the naked event may seem to be crossing swords with the recent Wiener butt legislation, it was actually planned to coincide with the annual plein air fetish fest at the Folsom Street Fair this Sunday. So, basically, the naked guys will be doing more of less what they always do, except there may be more of them.

One of the regulars, George Davis, perhaps best known for his flaccid mayoral campaign against Gavin Newsom's engorged political machine in 2007, told the Chronicle that Supervisor Scott Wiener's legislation doesn't affect him because he's already pro-towel (chairs can be dirty, we guess). The point of this convention of flesh, Davis says, is to raise awareness that nudeness is not necessarily lewdness. Besides, "the tourists love it".

Last year's similar Folsom Street precursor apparently drew 50 or so in-the-buff attendees. Saturday's event could draw even more thanks to all the press and online buzz that came along with Wiener's proposed ordinance.

Also, for anyone planning on doing any nude sitting, either on Saturday or otherwise, the folks at the Guardian have helpfully created The Butt Guardian. As you might expect, it's a piece of paper you can print out or find tucked in to this week's Sex Issue to protect your nether regions from flithy seating or vice versa. Although, we suppose if you're going to chafe up your bum with newsprint, you could really use any issue of our fine local papers.

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