TALK: Noise Pop and City Arts presents an onstage conversation between Bob Mould, formerly of Husker Dü fame, and counter-culture hero, Shepard Fairey, as part of City Arts "On Arts" series, which benefits 826 Valencia's Scholarship Program. (8 p.m., Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Avenue)

ART: New Yorker Cartoonists Diffee, Dernavich and Kanin celebrate the release of the New Yorker’s upcoming Rejection Collection book, with a lively discussion about submissions that were too risqué, dismaying, shocking, weird or controversial for the magazine. (7 to 9 p.m., Cartoon Art Museum, 655 Mission Street)

FOOD: FunCheap SF alerts us to this great deal every Tuesday, in which Nepalese food truck Curry Without Worry serves up free meals, such as Nine Bean Sprouted Bean Soup, Vegetable Curry, Rice, Naan Bread Puri, and Tomato and Timmur Chutney. Donations are appreciated, of course. (5:30 p.m., Civic Center, Hyde and Fulton)