Volunteers on one of many searches in the East Bay wilderness around Niles Canyon came across human remains over the weekend, and investigators are trying to determine if they could belong to missing nursing student Michele Le. There was no evidence on or around the bones to suggest that it was Le, and they aren't yet saying whether the remains were male or female. Le, who disappeared May 27, has been presumed dead but no evidence of her ultimate fate had yet been discovered — though police tracked both Le's and suspected murderer Giselle Esteban's cell phones to the Niles Canyon area the night of Le's disappearance.

Esteban, meanwhile, who got her first court appearance delayed a couple weeks back due to complications with her pregnancy, is scheduled to appear in court this morning to enter a plea in the case. In addition to the cell phone evidence, police say they have DNA evidence found on Esteban's shoes, and in Esteban's car, as well as security camera footage that places her in the Hayward parking garage where Le was last seen.

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