A handful of your favorite candidates for mayor showed up at McKinley Elementary School on this sunny Saturday afternoon to help wash some dirty vehicles, raise money for the school and generally revel in the splashy photo ops. Mayor Lee made an appearance, towel-drying a Range Rover for the cameras. On his way out, he picked up a couple brownies from the bake sale. (He paid with a twenty, if you're curious. More information about the brownies' walnut content could not be obtained.)

Meanwhile, Dennis Herrera, Joanna Rees, and Bevan Dufty all stuck around to put in a little elbow grease for the school benefit. (We're told Phil Ting showed up after we left.) Sadly, no one donned a bikini, but we did spot Dennis Herrera in flip flops and Bevan Dufty ended up sopping wet in shorts and a t-shirt after a staffer staged a sudsy ambush.

We didn't spot any visible campaigning in the schoolyard, other than the "Yes on Prop A" stickers everyone was sporting.