What with S.F. Blackout Week S.F. Cocktail Week a few days away, we thought it fitting to ask the city's biggest booze fans (i.e., SFist readers) to reveal their favorite watering hole. Call us pinko commie tools, but we still believe in the bar or restaurant as a whole rather than glorifying the star chef or, as in this case, the bartender/mixologist. Which is why we're asking for you to tell us your favorite bar in San Francisco -- your single favorite gin joint right now. You can't pick just one, you bemoan? Fine. You can pick two. But that's it.

Here's what we need: In either the comments section or on our Facebook page, tell us your favorite high-end bar (e.g., Jasper's, Comstock, RN74, chic wine bar) and your favorite affordable bar (e.g., Specs, Truck, Dirty Thieves, Twin Peaks). Yes, the middle class is dead, so we want only pricey and economically feasible venues in which to get lit. After that, we will take a poll among your nominees, and then put the final two winners up against each other. (A knockdown battle of the classes, really.) The winner will then be rewarded with lots and lots of customers.

If you need inspiration, check out SFist's Favorite $10 Cocktail Spots. Also, if you mention more than two, we'll pick your first two. Period.

Have your two nominees in no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday. Cheers.