Jeez. This September weather ain't all it's cracked up to be. Good thing we can stay in the warmth of the indoors and read the weeklies from the comfort of our laptops, rather than trying to locate a newsbox out there across the frozen tundra.

SF Weekly

Worth Reading: If you're into boxing, you may be intrigued by Joe Eskenazi's profile of Paul Nave, a former welterweight champ from the late 90s, who's back in the ring this Friday in San Rafael, at age 50, battling a 24-year-old for fun and profit.

Funny: In a blog post (we've already put the paper down, you see), they make fun of Anne Herrera for writing an endorsement email for her mayoral candidate husband Denis.

Don't Bother: This cover story about the music teacher from Visitacion Valley Middle School who got shit-canned for being too chummy with students, and who still messages them on Facebook, is weird and boring and we don't get the point of profiling this sad man.